Mal/Benditos Recuerdos

Anoche, tuve la oportunidad the encontrar mi antigua casa de Veracruz, Mexico usando Google Maps, Street View.  Se la ensene tambien a mi mama, quien estaba junto a mi en el sofa.

No lo negare, me trajo algo de tristeza ver nuestro viejo hogar, pues tengo recuerdos de una vida completamente diferente en ella.

Pero el origen de esta tristeza tambien se compone por los cambios externos arquitecturales que han occurido a esa misma casa. Al parecer, los varios duenos desde el 1990, cuando la vendimos, han cambiado el exterior/frente de la casa considerablemente desde el estilo de arquitectura colonial en negro, blanco, y copos rojizos a un estilo moderno con tubos de metal en vez de una clasica balustrada blanca y un color naranja del exterior, dramatico.


Favorite Personality Traits

I read somewhere that we typically are drawn to people who exhibit personality traits that we most admire in ourselves, or that we wish (subconsciously or consciously) to more strongly exhibit.

So I started wondering, what kind of traits do I admire in some of my favorite people in my life or in my world?

It's so easy to frown and wince when I encounter people who are insensitive culturally, racially, and personally, that it's almost hard to think about those characteristics that are positives, rather than negatives. It's a little sad... but here's a short list I came up with:

  • curated honesty
  • self awareness
  • child-like curiosity
  • playfulness
  • dark sense of humor/sarcasm
  • quick wit
  • thoughtfulness
  • attention to detail
  • sassiness
  • awe of nature
  • enjoys games (table or computer)
  • is a creative force rather than a destructive force
  • seeks inspiration in small or large things/events
  • is used to thinking outside the box
  • feels a connection to art (in any of its many forms/reincarnations)


TV Watching

It's not really a TV watching update, since we stopped our cable service back in October 2013. But I've nonetheless been watching TV series on Netflix.

I completed Alphas, which was a really great show until the ending. When it kind of crapped out.

I also started and completed Hemlock Grove, which is a mixture between True Blood, Vampire Diaries, and old B horror movies. Maybe even a little bit of Rosemary's Baby towards the end.

Hemlock Grove features Famke Janssen and one of the Skargards, Bill (brother to Alexander who plays Eric Northman on True Blood, and son of Stellan who's known as Dr. Erik Selvig on the Marvel Thor series of movies). Bill S. reminds me of a very young James Spader and his character in Grove reminds me a little bit of American Psycho.

It's been nice breaking up my usual YouTube gamer LP video watching marathon, and instead getting involved with new characters and storylines.

Even the significant other unit became enthralled with Alphas, and his favorite character was Gary because he reminded him a little of my disconnected conversations hahaha Gary is a likeable character, and the most consistent throughout the series. All the other characters go through many changes and challenges.

I'm not sure what I think of Hemlock Grove. It feels a lot like an old story, or a combination of a lot of old stories, that's being revisited for younger generations. A little soap opera-ish and a little horror movie ish, without too much visible gore, which is both a plus and a little unusual for today's genre modus operandi.

I like getting swept up in TV series, though it doesn't happen very often. I many times end up watching series to their conclusion only out of a sense of obligation since I used to like them before they turned crappy or really stopped make sense...kind of like The Walking Dead.

I am very much looking forward to the next series that captures my attention :)

Unconcerned about Health Concerns

I read somewhere once that the best way to stop being a hypochondriac was to actually get diagnosed with a serious ailment. It's true, I've felt since. Be thankful for the things that go well, and don't over analyze the little things.

Lately, my philosophy in life has been to be more laid back when life hands me lemons. I don't need to make lemonade right away, rather, in my own time.

So recently I received an uncertain diagnosis on a health issue. So now I am scheduled for a biopsy. I'm not sure what's more nerve wracking:

  • the idea of needles and a biopsy, and pain?
  • the bill that will come later?
  • getting a positive result and having to come up with a treatment plan? or opt out knowing how that will end in more pain
  • having the biopsy results be perfectly normal so all this worry was for nothing?
I think I'll take it a step at a time. I'll just remember my biopsy appointment and be there on time. Then I'll take what comes next when it comes. As the old saying says, I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.


Naughty Boy La La La ft. Sam Smith

A very chill new song, which samples what sounds like a Hindi chorus.