So Far This Year I've Learned...

That if my eyes are weepy, I need to slow down and put some eyedrops in.

If I'm getting impatient and cranky, I'm actually Hangry.

There's no such thing as too much water, especially when I drink very little already. I'm keeping a glass bottle filled to the brim at my work desk now.

If something seems overwhelming or impossible, I need to back-burner it and take a break.

That green grass is always comforting.

That EDM ambient music is even more fun to listen to while driving through a fog bank.

That hygge and fika are the next best spectacular Scandinavian imports since the simple aesthetic and clean lines of their furniture.

That Midsomer Murders is my second favorite all time murder mystery TV show (after Murder She Wrote).

That although political figures change drastically at times, the bloated systems they run sometimes won't change drastically alongside them, to negatively impact people. It's like steering the Spruce Goose.

That sterling silver jewelry can be amazing no matter the dress code.

That a teapot and tall cups or mugs can go a long way in making for a leisurely conversation.

That the overpriced merchandise of rewards programs are not worth it.

That a sense of adventure can be stoked at the smallest suggestion, and bring amazing journeys and lessons.

That there's no such thing as too many cuddles with furry babies.

Favorite Podcasts

Lately I've been enjoying podcasts on my commutes to and from work, using the PocketCasts app on my Android.

Check out this list of some of my favorites, and see if any could potentially be of interest to you:

  • Milk Street Radio - (Foodie) Introduces world cuisines and basic kitchen best practices while also entertaining caller questions. Hosted by Chris Kimball from America's Test Kitchen fame
  • Ladies Who Lunch - (Society and Culture, Women) Introduces a variety of women's topics including society, lifestyle, mental health, gender, sex, and more. Hosted by Ingrid Nilsen of YouTube fame, and one of her BFFs Kat.
  • TED Radio Hour - (Society and Culture) If you know TED, then this needs no introduction. Hosted by NPR.
  • HBR Ideacast - (Business) Introduces business, lifestyle and societal trend coverage based on the best and latest HBR articles.
  • Fresh Air - (Society and Culture) An NPR program introducing a variety of topics and celebrities/famous individuals in a usually personal interview format.
  • Euromonitor International - (Business) International business and commerce trends and market drivers coverage by regional and subject matter experts.


Remembering Old, Favorite Latinamerican Stories

I recently started cataloguing mentally the great Latin American literature books and short stories that I read at NIU for my Spanish Business Translation coursework.

Those were modern classics that really spoke of the varied experiences and historical events in each of the countries. Well written and interesting stories that led the mind free to ponder and imagine.

Aquí está la lista de libros/historias cortas que me recuerdo, en orden alfabético. Creo que van clasificados como Realismo y Realismo Mágico. A lo mejor hubo más cuentos pero se han ido perdiendo entre la neblina del recordar.


Developing a Personal Credo

One of my passion projects this past week has been to develop a Personal Credo (writing exercise example, leadership credo example).

A credo is a statement of your beliefs and values that guide your actions. I think I'm 90% there, but of course, as I grow as a person, this will evolve with me.

Personal Credo

I believe in being ethical and aware, treating everyone around me with kindness, respect and compassion. And above all, I try to have sunshine inside of me to share with those around me.

I am passionate about language and helping people be the best communicators they can be.
Everything everyone needs to succeed is inside of them, they just need to peel back the layers.

I love working in diverse groups, but I need to focus on analysis and writing in the zone during alone time. I believe in taking the time to building trust, structure and a strong foundation for any partnership.

I continue to accept challenges and opportunities to learn and grow. There are no mistakes, only lessons.  The only right way is forward.


Do You Bullet Journal?

I recently learned about a new way of journaling, called bullet journaling, from a friend's LinkedIn post.

This two-year old journaling technique was developed by product designer Ryder Carroll. It's intended to be simple and minimalistic, but many people are also using it as a creative outlet. It basically combines your calendar, reminders, to-do list, and life goals tracker.

Here is a video introduction from Carroll:

Each bullet journal has four main sections:
  • The index or key spread - the first two facing pages with a list of the sections in the journal with the page numbers.
  • Future log spread - a list of important dates by month.
  • Monthly and Daily log spread - the month's dates and days of the week, as well as a daily log.
  • Collections - a collection is a list of things that you're passionate about, such as movies, television shows, music, life goals, or more.
Collections are lists of reminders by category. For example, you could create a list of movies you'd like to watch this month, or favorite songs you discovered this month. When one month comes to a close, you start the next one on the next spread over - and also carry over any activities as needed.

I have always been a HUGE fan of journaling and personal organizers but have failed terribly in maintaining either habit consistently. I'm going to give this six months and see how it goes.

The basic tools I'm using to kickstart this habit are:
  • Eccolo Cool Jazz graph journal with pen loop
  • Uni-Ball Signo Micro 307 in black ink
  • Staedtler 10 Triplus fineliner marker set
If you are interested in learning more about bullet journaling, here are some of the resources that helped me get started: