clubbed to death - Matrix soundtrack

I happenstance heard this song as a transition between segments during a Telugu news show :o) Jai Telengana. :o) It's my all time favorite song (Clubbed to Death, Rob D) from my all time favorite CD (Matrix).


Buffalo Etho


Vacation Update Day 2

Today was going to be different. I had errands and fun shopping to do!

Yesterday's trip and lack of sleep turned into a knock-em-dead kind of drowsiness that surprised even me. But after a couple of nappy winks, I couldnt go to sleep until after 11 pm. Where's my melatonin pills when I need em?!

All the same, I took advantage and watched several episodes of Leverage on Netflix on my phone. My 5-year-old laptop's screen died the night before.

It's sunny and 64F at 10:00 am? I'll take it! Nothing beats taking a warm shower after good-enough sleep while warm, blindingly bright sunshine rays stream over me. A sunlight shower.

Head out in the car, then U-turn back to check whether I forgot to shut the garage door...nop it's all good, just old age ;o)

Ah, fresh air in my lungs and sunlight warming my skin.

Vacation Update Day 1

I escaped Chicago early on a Wednesday morning, just as the bitter chill of winter was hitting town after a warm front.

Sorry but the sun decided to peek out too late that morning.

I was definitely ready for a mental and routine break, though I would miss my dog Benny terribly.

Warm sunshine and green, tropical foliage where waiting for me.

I dozed on and off after scanning through my issue of InStyle magazine, this edition proved unusually boring considering it was the holidays one.

Two hours and a half later I reached sunny, welcoming Tampa. Where the air I breathe doesn't hurt my noise our lungs. Deep inhale. Ah, sweet air. A nice change after the sardine can bottled air of a plane.

No check-in luggage meant smooth sailing through the monorail shuttle on down past the luggage carousels, expectant luggage owners, wide longing eyes,  hoping their property arrived undisturbed in the next batch on the rolling belt.

Considering I was prepared for the worst at the car rental counter, just a couple minutes on the phone with my dad later, I convinced the attendant and her supervisor to invite me to step upstairs and grab my Corolla.

My first time with a Toyota, pishing aside rememberances of recalls and brake-related horror stories. It's black. My shoulders relaxed. I clicked the keyfob button and stepped into the drivers seat. The mirrors are a massacre of odd angles. The seat too far back. Lets get to work and on our way.


Carol Rossetti's Women

Great art project that turned into a reinforcement of dignity and self-esteem for women everywhere.

Thank you Ms. Rossetti!!

This is what I call feminism.
It's how I visualize a woman optimizing her thought process for her own well being and a pleasurable/enjoyable life(style).