The Multiplying Water and Fish (troubles that is)

Recent news articles to pore over...

There are discussions bordering on arguments between doctors who provide their biased views as fact, and confused consumers as to what exactly constitutes clean and pure water. In addition, there's a growing conflict between consumers wishing to buy healthy bottled water, those who wish to buy engineered water, and those who don't care and would rather drink tap water. A rose, is a rose, is a rose no more me thinks.

Not so fast! Think you're better off just drinking soda? Benzene-tainted soda could be the alternative fuel we've been dying to discover, you never know.

Is fish good for you? Are you among the many consumers who believe that it is a perfect, low-fat protein source? Fish for a lean and healthy lifestyle proponents would have you dive right in. Dr. Nicholas Perricone's Wrinkle Cure Program, or Dr. Sears' Zone Diet, among them, and with good research and reasons. But is fish really the perfect brain food anymore? Will you die of mercury poisoning in the end, but become smarter in the process?

These articles just go to show you that there is no better tool than to be an informed consumer in today's marketplace. One must recognize what is fact and what is fiction, and when it comes to your health, take everything very seriously or the repercussions can be lethal.

- J