Kicking the Common Cold Naturally

I have been reading up on natural immune boosters to help fight the common cold, since I am currently fighting one of my very own.

I've found that vitamin C, astralagus, garlic, and echinacea are highly recommended by most naturopaths. In addition I found a garlic product that not only has echinacea, but also astralagus, and esther C.

I'm dosing two caplets vit C with two caplets of special garlic compound (listed above) every four hours, and also alternating two Dr. Weil immune defense caps and two flax seed oil caps for every eight hours. When I felt a fever on I took sudaphed in the morning, and dayquil in the evening. I hope to see an improvement by tomorrow morning when I have to go back to work (darn dreaded Mondays!), otherwise I have to stay home and rest it off (dang Spring colds!!) GRRR