Cuisine Trends for 2007

By now you may have noticed a slight obsession with trends and cuisine on this blog, yes it's true. It may have to do that I've been honored to live in some of the world's leading culinary cultures and have taken away some very good and long-lasting lessons.

An excellent article that I linked through to from a newsleter, is Predicting 2007 Trends in Foods by Rosenbloom and Puckett. Here's a brief summary of some of their findings:
  1. Anti-aging products for boomers
  2. Cheaper cuts of animal protein (bellies)
  3. Dark Chocolate for health
  4. Downsized desserts
  5. Exotic flavors in everyday combinations
  6. Fish for health (Tilapia is my favorite)
  7. Gastroporn tv shows
  8. Hauting up cheap eat$
  9. Japanese Appetizers vs. Spanish tapas
  10. Locally grown/organic food
  11. Transfat and salt backlash
Keep an eye out for local media newsbytes as the year progresses on your locality's reactions to some of these trends.

- J