The Trouble with MeeVee.com

Like any busy yet avid TV fan, I wanted an easy way to find out when my favorite (or possible new favorite) television programs, shows, and movies are taking place so I can either efficiently watch them or DVR them.

Well as a lost little lamb I arrived at the www.meevee.com website, and thought: "Eureka!"
...well, let me tell you, it's not quite that fast to make it work, or as a matter of fact, it's a case of too good to be true.

Once I signed up for my first meevee account, I proceeded to search favorite actors, television shows, and movies using the little search box. After searching each at a time and assigning them to my favorites I could be assured that they would be added to my personalized calendar. Then after a month or so of receiving their personalized emaled calendar, I realized you can also add favorites using their My Interests panel. This panel has different categories: tv shows, people, topics -- which are arranged for you in a mini splash page as MeeVee picks.

After I took about 30 minutes to pick and choose through all the possible my favorites, I stood back and eagerly awaited my weekly email... well, there's a little glitch. My email list now includes over 4,000 events...

Is it just me or was the point of selecting favorites a way to cut down a more precise calendar? Why then are over 4,000 items being dropped on me out of nowhere? Some including shows and movies I'd never be interested in.

And best of all, a few weeks ago I realized that this wasn't going to cut it anymore. I was almost ready to click on the ubsubscribe email option, when I thought I'd give them a second chance (it could very well be user error, right?). So I searched for a way to reset the preferences and maybe start over. There isn't.

I think I will just keep using my dishnetwork remote control guide and check on my favorite channel websites for updates... just like I used to do before. Back to time-tested, reliable old school methods.

- J

UPDATE 2/07/07:
Being a fan of lost causes I went in and tried to fix my preferences, by removing everything except my most favorite actors, shows, and movies -- and after about 30 mins I think I got it down to a much shorter list. Let's cross our fingers and wait for the next issue of the personalized e-mail calendar.