Fast Food Nation

I saw the movie Fast Food Nation (another visit by the Netflix fairie). Sadly I was taken aback at how bad and torturous of an experience it turned out to be. I felt shocked and unprepared by the switch from Hollywood corny mockumentary to real-life animal butchering video. And I felt terribly glum to see how badly life truly is for illegal immigrants, this really brought home something I've already been sensitive to, but I am much more aware of how huge a misunderstood issue this is in today's America.

I don't know, maybe I feel more strongly about violence to animals, or humans, or violence in general, since I became a vegetarian late last year for health reasons... but I'll tell you what, there was a little too much using of the characters and animals in this movie, which is a great thing, because most of us don't realize what the machinery does to people, animals, and things. Remember the movie Erin Brockovich? How about the movie Pelican Brief?

The good part, the only good part I can point to for this movie, is that it brings the seriously gross negligence and reality of american fast food capitalism, industrial animal butchery, and illegal worker abuse in your face for my fellow humans who are blindingly consenting just so that they get something cheap to chew on from a drive-thru window.

This movie gave me a sense of thankfulness and moral relief that I no longer am a cog in the machinery. I've always been weary of institutions and their brainwashing. This directly applies to the marketing machine that brainwashes us into cheap and fast everything. Please inform yourself about everything from the food you eat, to the businesses you fund through your purchases and patronage... because everything is related to you even if you don't think it is -- one way or another.

- J