Colorful Art

I just learned of a great artist named Catalina Estrada. Her designs are colorful, harmonious, and really pop out at you. Her website has an excellent variety of her works in the gallery. Her colors and patterns remind me of a more happy version of Frida Kahlo's work, because of the traditional Mexican art feeling that I get from her works. It is very modern context, tending a little towards Japanese anime in a way.

Another artist, just as colorful but walking on the darker side of things (much as Frida used to), is Mark Ryden. His work is very surreal, saccharine sweet but sadistic at the same time... taking one step further the surrealism in Magritte and Frida, with social critiques of celebrity and traditional American values. Truly thought provoking and exceptionally detailed, down to the made-up astrological signs that seem to carry over in each work. Very dark and bright at the same time ;o)