Lindt Cuban Chocolate

When I was in Italy last fall, I relished a delicacy so tasty, I could not get over.
For those of us who like to taste different types of dark chocolate, Lindt Europe has created a line of products tailor-made to our taste buds!

The line falls under Lindt Excellence, and there are 3 products: Cuba (55% cacao), Madagascar (65%), and Ecuador (75%). My mom and I agreed that the Cuba tasted the best, probably because of the lower cacao percentage and more fruity/honey-like taste. Truly a treat.

As I was relishing the last of what I brought last November (yes I realize it's August, my fridge keeps all my secret stashes). I looked the product up and realized they won't be selling this in the US for quite a while, because the cocoa comes from Cuba... embargo and all you see... Alas I shall have to wait for my next trip to Italy to enjoy some more.