Movie Trends and Stuff

I love movies so much that I have stopped watching television shows, unless it's the news or I can't find a good movie to watch on the bizillion channels on Dish Network. ^_^

As a consequence, I've been completely obsessed with movie blogs lately. The IMDb, Hollywood.com, zap2it.com, tvnow.com or tvguide.com, wiki websites, and fan websites no longer suffice. My fix needs to be in larger doses. I love learning about news in the movie industry, especially when it comes to new castings or new movies that are just around the corner (for my must-watch movie list) -- and these are hard to come by.

I've recently become acquainted with the many joys that movie or Hollywood-related pages and blogs can bring into my life. It's fun to see how moviephiles squabble over who's been cast for which new movie or role (especially when it comes to old favorites like horror movies or anime turned into live-action movies), or what kinds of movie talks (or takeovers) are going on out there in studio land. Clearly, a lot of these news bytes are mostly heresay, speculation, or rumors. Though sometimes these prove to be true, depending on which sources you're relying on, and on how many grains of salt you carry with you. -_-

Right now, movie fans are mostly troubled by an overwhelming run in Hollywood of remakes of old movies, cartoons, anime, and even comic books that Gen Xers and earlier gens alike grew up on. Recent movie names thrown out for remakes or conversions include Suspiria, Boy Racer, Wolverine, Conan the Barbarian, and even table game movies (Clue, etc.). Kinda makes you think they ran out of ideas a while back, after the run of sequels, and later, prequels...but anyways...some of these suggested remakes make my hair stand on end (and not in a good way either), but let's give them a chance. :o

Well one of my recent discoveries that's become my #1 favorite blog this week, is Cinematical -- a close runner up is MTV Movies, though they're late to the table compared to some other (horror somehow seems to be laden with remakes news thus far) movie blogs like Bloody Disgusting or esplatter . They have the best news and information on upcoming, soon-to-be-released, recently released, and in-the-works movies. XoD

Today I was reading my feed stream in Google Reader, and came up with a fun fantasy casting-movie match based on a photo I saw on Cinematical. The review for the recently-released movie The Bank Job (also on my to-watch list) features a pic of Jason Statham (of Transporter fame *grin*) and his posture and getup in the pic reminded me so much of an anime I used to love as a young kiddie: Lupin III. Compare the Bank Job reviews' pic on the link above with this one: http://www.abcb.com/lupin/cag_00.jpg. I think Jason Statham would be fabulous in the role, and this would be another remake that may very well merit some attention.


It's truly amazing what's at the reach of your fingertips on the web.

- J