Video Games to Movies in 6 Degrees of Separation (or Less)

So this past week I got to finally watch the movie Hitman (2007), which looked really cool from the trailer from last November/December. Basically what really made me want to watch this movie was the trailer's slick and darkish look to the scenes and the snippets of story...a mr-smith-like dark suit, slow pensive walk, big guns, head barcode tattoo, the word "mission" followed by "do you accept," and a cool version of ave maria during a scene where two guns are being taken out of an ice box.

Especially the soundtrack was something I liked enough to get a copy for myself. It's like a combination of depeche mode industrial synthesizer and what you'd expect Aeon Flux to listen to.

All around, it was a great movie: lots of action, unexpected scenes, lots of shooting and blood splatter, fast Audi cars *teehee insert drool here*, and then the realization that this is based on a video game (!). I looked this game up on wiki and found out that although there's something like four renditions and they're popular...I still prefer the movie over the game. -_-

AND then there's a tangent...since I was already on wiki looking up video games, I decided to look up my favorite videogame house to see if they're still around. And realized that a copy of mystery house, if any are still out there, could make for a great collector's item around now. Torin's Passage, and Gabriel Knight *sigh* good times... ^_^