Do neat things with your pc/online, faster

I love love love PCWorld magazine. The June 2008 issue featured an article titled "how to do everything faster" so here's my top bets. I'm saving these onto this blog post cause I'm too lazy to bookmark LOL:
  • favorite folders: just add your often-used folders to the favorite folders by dragging from windows explorer or else, by right clicking the folder (with XP) and from the pop up menu selecting favorites and then adding to favorites
  • e-mail huge files: use www.yousendit.com
  • keep tabs on the news using google reader (duh! been there done that!)
  • correct photos' exposure for free: www.picnik.com
  • create a podcast: www.gcast.com
  • add titles to a movie with Windows Movie Maker (been there done that for youtube)...
  • publish home movies at youtube.com