Afternoon Break

I actually managed to get quite a few errands taken care of today. I'm almost pleased with myself ^_^ I also began writing some experiences of mine in a document. I'm not sure if this new document will be a private journal of sorts where I note down important resolutions and events, or else, a book project one day--a day far, far, far away I'm sure! ;o)

As a pleasant intermission between a quiet and slow-moving day, and a hopefully fun kick-start to an eventful weekend, here goes a little afternoon mind break. I wanted to look up some of my favorite things and put them here for reference on cloudier days, shall we say.

So here goes!:

I love Koi fish, and I've been looking for notecards with Koi.

This image popped up today on my Google search.

I also like turtles! I have a growing collection of turtle items.

This little guy was so cute, and this photo is a really well balanced one ;o)

Boy if this isn't the truth on those really bad days, I don't know what is ;o)

The sunset two days ago really blew me away.

This pic I took of it, manages to share the feeling.

The best thing they did in Naperville this year,

was open the long-awaited Red Mango fro-yo place.

I love the occasional treat here. It's delicious!

OK I think that's enough, I better go find something else to do. Best wishes for a fun weekend.