Forbes Magazine: Chicago is the US' Most Stressful City

As I was reading Naperville Sun coverage on the Forbes' selection of Chicago as the most stressful city in the country, I noticed a very valuable checklist to help recognize and cope with stress:

  • The first is a person's attitude and persistence of "stress-inducing thoughts such as, 'This is the end of the world; I can't cope; It's all my fault,'" said Smith.
  • The second is whether the person has family, friends or other avenues to help them deal with challenges, he said. Chicago is a city of many social services, hospitals and "a wonderful spiritual network," said Smith. Chicago, he concluded, "is a city very rich with coping resources."
  • External forces can have an effect, but they're not just "nuisances," such as high gasoline prices, he said. "I mean like losing a limb or an earthquake. Something life-changing," he said.