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Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging
44 38 12 67

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I don't agree with this at all. I have a very strong urge to state that in reality, I personally and objectively feel that I am intuitive/judging, feeling, and introverted in that order. I think that is why many of my friends and co-workers come to me to talk their issues out, and why I consider myself a good listener--though I've been known to over-share when venting ^_^

UPDATE 2: After reading about the INFJ extensively (and on wiki, of course), I concur. Particularly:
Sensitive and complex, they are adept at understanding complicated issues and driven to resolve differences in a cooperative and creative manner. [8]

INFJs tend to be sensitive, quiet leaders with a great depth of personality. They are intricately and deeply woven, mysterious, and highly complex, sometimes puzzling even to themselves. They have an orderly view toward the world, but are internally arranged in a complex way that only they could understand. Abstract in communicating, they live in a world of hidden meanings and possibilities. With a natural affinity for art, INFJs tend to be creative and easily inspired.[10]

Generally well-liked by their peers, they may often be considered close friends and confidants by most other types. They are perceptive of the emotions of others and themselves easily hurt, though they may not reveal this except to their closest companions. Guarded in expressing their own feelings, especially to new people, they tend to establish close relationships slowly.

They may seem naive, idealistic dreamers, or insincere; however, they are anything but.