Actual Weekend Movie Playlist

A thankfully eventful weekend translates to changed movie-watching plans.

Cool Hand Luke - good movie, back when acting was acting

Part of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - so so, though I haven't seen the end yet

Flash Gordon (1980) - fun, action, and... camp as my friend reminded me (hola Guamu! ^_^ x si estas leyendo esto) -- and of course also features a theme song by Queen (pensaste q no me daria cuenta verdad?)

And am currently watching Sneakers.

Good news though, I've begun my yearly Halloween movie collection effort so I'm well stocked...when the time comes *mwahahaha*

The Howling
Rocky Horror Picture Show
The Legacy - one of my favorite movies
Shaun of the Dead - I cannot get enough of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost ;o)

and much more to come.