Greenpeace Anti-GMO Petition

I read about Greenpeace's latest anti-GMO call to action for European nations, on their Facebook page today.

Linking through to their web page, you can support anti-gmo governments, help leaning/undecided goverments make their mind up, or send urgent call to action to pro-gmo governments.

FYI GMO means genetically modified organisms, such as corn and other staple crops, animals, or humans. GMOs are generally frowned upon because of the interference with naturally-occurring genetic mutation in organisms through decades or centuries of natural selection and adaptation. Individuals such as vegetarians or the slow food movement are concerned about there not being labeling on GMO food, because there may be unusual materials within the food they've purchased. What about a tomato that has shrimp genes to make it a nicer, even color no matter what crop you pick? Bleh!! I can't have shrimp DNA I'm vegetarian!

There's also crosspolination issues where GMO flora may spread pollen to non-GMO flora, possibly eliminating the natural material in its entirety, since the GMO is bred to be a survivor organism. What if we never see a heirloom tomato ever again? What about my organic flour? If a GMO farm is nearby, how organic is my flour after all?

As you see the GMO area needs further examination and regulation. Let's not allow big corporations (*cough*Monsanto*cough*)to tell us what to plant or how to breed our food...just because they'll be making millions out of our unsuspecting wallets.

This is why I got excited over an article about reanimating the Victory Garden philosophy on yesterday's Huffington Post (and here), and President Elect Barak Obama's possible role in this movement.