The Land of the Free

There's this amazing photo project that features fanboys in their natural environment: their homes. However, the artist likes to emphasize the contradiction and discomfort these fanboys supposedly express in their photos, as their normal home life and their hobby collide (I didn't agree with his point of view if you didn't already guess it). 

The project's titled "The Land of the Free" to create a play on words in regards to the American origin of fanboyism, as well as where most of these imitated popular culture icons emerge from, and of course, the freedoms individuals enjoy in their popular culture related passtimes (or obsessions, as the case may be). It's all about creative outlets for escapism, one of my favorite stress-relief techniques.

This fanboy project comes along just as a movie titled, what else, Fanboys is set to open soon.

This is awesome! I've always appreciated the fanboy culture, because I'm a closet fangirl deep down inside. The post was from today's /film blog and here are a couple of images I've borrowed from their blog entry.