Of WebEx, Meetings, and Headaches--Oh My!

Today I was in charge of hosting and running but not MC-ing a 4-hour webinar for one of my committees (my favorite one). Boy is my brain fried. It's a lot of work to (1) listen in to the phone call portion, (2) run the PPT slides, and (3) take minutes down all at the same time. Not to mention the odd other task that rises up such as searching for some statistic, some document, or providing some update during the conversation. My poor brain.

Thankfully it mostly went without a hitch, the only issue was some metallic noise interference during the latter portion of the conference call connection. This was sporadic and not many complained about it.

I walked away having successfully remedied our committee's otherwise canceled face-to-face meeting, and now I am left with tons of minutes that need revising *oy 10 pages* and action items *double oy* that need immediate..er..action. Good thing is that I learned how to run a webinar *smarty pants* ;o)

K back to work. Wish me luck or a rabbits foot!
- J