GM CEO and His Volt Ride, Cars in My Life

So yes, the American automotive industry is very much in the media lately. *yawn*

So as a publicity stunt that you can see miles away, GM CEO Rick Wagoner is planning on driving from Detroit to Washington DC in a Chevy Volt. Once in DC, Mr. Wagoner will put a cushion under his knees right next to the Ford and Chrysler CEOs, and kneeling in front of Capitol Hill will request bail money to supposedly save the automotive industry.

Michael Moore launched a campaign this week (Saving the Big 3 For You and Me) on the automotive industry. After reading the message of his campaign both in an email I received, and on his Facebook page, I can't honestly say what exactly his point is. Is he for or against throwing the money (and the towel apparently) in?

Just as an FYI/side note, personally, I've only driven American-made cars ever since I learned how to drive in '93:
  • a Chrysler wood-panel wagon during my driving class -- can you say it with me? eww
  • a white Pontiac Bonneville, which was dad's leased car at the time I was learning to drive,
  • a navy Chevrolet Caprice which was our family car, and the first almost-accident I was ever in as the two cars behind me hit each other and projected forward to lightly tap my rear bumper
  • a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo which totally stoked me, I miss it profoundly as Jeeps aren't that good 'nymore, and the first car I got rear-ended in which was scary but no one thankfully got hurt
  • a Jeep Liberty, which carried me through a life change, though the quality was far inferior to the prior Cherokee Laredo
  • and now, my AWD Mercury Milan, which is too light-colored in a sandy hue with cream interior...but we're getting along.
The driving of only American cars wasn't planned, it's just the way it turned out. But as the quality and style is not improving, lack of gas-savvy offerings, and with all this nasty financial trouble...I'm totally moving on to European imports for my next purchase, which is a few years away. My mom used to drive BMWs (in Italian: bi-emme-vu) in Italy, so I probably should go back to our, er...roots.

On my more immediate automotive to-do list is figuring out what kind of a personalized license plate I want. Very tricky because it should be unconventional, kind of like me. ;o)