Putting "Fun" in Productivity...

LifeHacker today has a really amusing and informative post about someone who took the three top productivity improvement books through the paces. His main suggestion is that (1) you're better off summarizing the top tips and squishing them into your very own productivity plan, and (2) if you must chose one of the three books pick The Four Hour Workweek (my very least favorite productivity book!)

The three books are: Getting Things Done, The 4-Hour Workweek, and Never Check Email in the Morning. I've heard the book on audio version for two of these three. Direct quote used in the LifeHacker rss entry:

Allen, Morgenstern, and Ferriss are a nicely compatible family unit: David Allen is the practical dad who reminds you not to overcomplicate things; just get the job done. Julie Morgenstern is the encouraging mom who, while hugging you, says, "It'll be all right; you just need to focus on what's important here." And Tim Ferriss is the upstart kid who cries, "Think outside the box, man!"

Said funny reviewer, Chris Hardwick, is a comedian, writer, and music composing force based on...well what I understood from reading his original post-- which really is quite funny and you should totally read... not only because of the picture he draws about his frenzied existence, but also because of how concisely and funnily he's able to draw up the main points of some of these productivity books. He also has a blog: Nerdist.com