1st MV Playlist for 2009

I was watching Ghost Town* today and was surprised to like quite a few of the songs from the movie soundtrack.

I did some searching and realized that Geoff Zanelli worked on the soundtrack--I really liked his choices in Hitman.

Ghost Town's cute if a little sappy--one of those modern-era fables about being able to redeem oneself and find happiness. Reminds me of those sappy-love movies Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan do together sometimes.

Though Tea Leoni is always gorgeous to look at, she's a good actress too--I felt bad at her teary scenes which may have pulled emotion from recent events in her personal life. Greg Kinnear isn't that bad a looker either ;o) he started growing on me in As Good As It Gets.

Without further ado or (background info) here's my first music video playlist for 2009, featuring songs from the Ghost Town movie:

John Lennon and Paul McCartney - I'm Looking Through You

Brendan Benson - What I'm Looking For

Citizen Cope - Sideways

* TMI Alert: the first time I saw Ghost Town was on the flight from Nice to JFK in late November. My headphone jack wasn't working, so I saw the movie's "silent" version. I'm quirky in that I can follow movies in other languages w/o catching the dialogue, much like I did recently with Swedish film "Let the Right One In." So I liked Ghost Town a lot the first time, but even more now after I finally got a chance to see and hear it.