Another a-ha! Moment: Gravitational Pull from the Past

I LOVE LOVE BoingBoing and their RSS feed and their Twitter. That way I get a double dose. Well today they just had me head over heels all over again, because of a cool post by Cory Doctorow. The Twitter post seemed quite non-descript so I ventured into the RSS and read it through. When I made it through the post and out the other end, it was another "a-ha!" moment.

The post entailed the author's cleaning up of a storage unit of old stuff from his old life in Toronto. He talks about the heavy, gravitational pull that the residue of his old life has on him because he hasn't been able to sort through and clean that old storage locker in Toronto. He narrates his experience of how working through the piles of stuff and cleaning the locker out wasemotionally cleansing. He says that although he still has another locker in LA, with a little bit of a gravitational pull, he feels much better now.

I think I have some cleaning to do, so that I can move on or forward. I have recently become keenly aware that I have a hard time letting go of the past and moving on. I like to attribute it to so much physical moving across states and countries that I've done. The post by Doctorow was enlightening because I saw how another person who's also moved around a bit, dealt with his own gravitational pulls. It's always good to see that others see things similarly to you, it makes you feel less nutty ;o)

I had started some of the sorting/cleaning last July, but became emotionally overwhelmed and left it for later. But I think I really gotta get it done this year, so I don't have to go back--in more ways than one--ever again.