Book Review: NLP--The New Technology of Achievement

I recently discovered neuro linguistic programming as a communications technique that builds rapport and empathy during a verbal interchange. This can be leveraged during negotiations, or everyday interactions that require a centered, neutral, assertive, and objective mind. Sounds interesting doesn't it? Well not so fast.

It sounded all well and good from what I read online in a variety of sources, but when I downloaded the "NLP--The New Technology of Achievement" book on audio, my expectations came crashing down on me. The voiceover introduction sounded like a pyramid-scheme seminar "voice of god" and the two authors that took over the first two parts sounded like soft-porn narrators. Can't readers just read normally while engaging the audience? What's with the breathlessness? It sounds so fake and so, so salesy.

Nedless to say that I gave up halfway through the second author's presentation because it was too feel-good cumbaya type stuff that people might want to listen in a subliminal self-esteem tape while they're sleeping at night. I'm not one of those.

I'm not giving up on this interesting communication technique just yet, but I am giving up on this unfortunate, used vacuum sales-sounding, book on tape. Good riddens.