Book Review: Please Understand Me II: Temperament, Character, Intelligence

This is another book that turns me off immediately just because of the cliched 80s-sounding title. However, Please Understand Me II by David Keirsey, is an excellent reference book to keep on hand when working through personality typeology and vocational/career questions.

The book focuses on the Keirsey 4 temperaments scale, to determine how to best identify and categorize innate and developed skillsets and preferences as they can relate to life, decisions and career choices.

This book, as many do, also refers to the usual Jung-Briggs Meyers personality typeology--but meshes it with the author's own scale of 4 major temperaments, making it more approachable and holistic a descriptor of how a person in a particular category can understand their decision-making, mental processes, and personality traits.

This book's categories and typeology can also become an asset for those interested in influencing and persuading others. Marketers, public relations specialists, counselors, etc., will find it beneficial to become acquainted with various personality types and their interaction needs. For example, wouldn't it be advantageous if someone who's negotiating a business deal knows to leverage their understanding of how different types of personalities prefer to receive information or be dealt with on a personal/business level?

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