Book Review: Unusually Useful Web Book

So I started reading the Unusually Useful Web Book by June Cohen about a week ago. It's really dense with information for such a smallish book (approx 388 pages).

This makes for a great reference book for individuals interested in starting a website, designing or writing/editing for the web, or even monitoring and evolving visibility for an existing site. It's a thorough primer, and you can go into as much focus as you need or skip over the parts that you're not interested in...yet.

I felt the "How Websites Work" should have been at the beginning of the book, it didn't make sense for it to start on page 203.

As a frustrated, failed ex-graphic designer I was very interested in the section titled "Preparing Images and Multimedia for the Web."

As SEO--or search engine optimization for laypeople--is on everyone's lips lately, it was interesting seeing what this author had to say about it under the "Improving Your Search Rank" section...though it didn't really highlight any new information for me.

I found the "Managing a Web Project and Team" exceptionally useful for people interested in improving their web project management skills in the workplace.

This is a great book for a plane ride, as I need a completely dedicated and uninterrupted time slot to read it cover to cover (like I did for the Dragons book back in December).

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