Book Review: Web Style Guide 3rd Edition

In my new reference library for web design and web writing, I've included Web Style Guide 3rd Edition, by Patrick J. Lynch and Sarah Horton. Approx 338 pages.

This is a very clean, clearly-delineated book that follows logically from topic to topic and uses project management principles...not only in what they're teaching you, but how they're teaching you and how the book is laid out. This is an excellent reference book, I can't be happier with this purchase.

I was very interested in chapter 3 where the authors focus on site architecture: chunking, site structure, and hierarchies were discussed. I find chunking and cross-linking of particular interest lately. Chapter 4, and then chapter 5, transitioned seamlessly into information design, interface, and site organization/structure. Chapter six is a minute analysis of page structure, which I found most informative and valuable. Chapter 7 featured an interesting section on color and font, which rang especially true from what I learned during the film Helvetica--which I watched a week or so ago.

I'm noticing how everyone quotes eye-tracking studies when they discuss website design, and user-oriented pages. It's important to recognize the expectations pattern created by other sites and web browsing experience in your users when they come to your site. It's so important to make the surfing experience intuitive and second-nature...the user can't be made to think about anything else but satisfying their main reason for having come to your website to begin with.

All around this is my favorite reference book on web content planning and web design right now.