Mark Ryden and Marion Peck Short Film

I discovered artist Mark Ryden a few years ago, and ultra-cool website BoingBoing about two weeks ago. I usually retwitter BB's blog or twitter posts all the time. Their posts are just great.

I love Mark's work because it's lucid, realistic yet surreal, colorful, and juxtaposes fascinating elements with gorgeous, sometimes-androgynous nymphs. The richness of color, the textures, the incredible amount of detail, and the high production values draw me in.

So I was very excited when BoingBoing posted today that Mark Ryden will be autographing his latest book, The Tree Show, at LA MOCA on Jan 31 from 3-5. I wish I'd be in the neighborhood *sigh*

As I was reading older BoingBoing Mark-related posts, which were conveniently linked from the post about the book-signing (by the way, totally cool cross-linking guys), I found out that he and Marion Peck collaborated on a short film in the summer of 2008.

Here's the result of their collaboration.