Reader's Block

I spoke too soon. I posted the other day that I am back reading paper books and before I knew it I'd gotten reader's block.

Reader's block is a little like writer's block (temporary loss of ability to begin or continue writing), because the victim suffers a severe procrastination attack that blocks him or her from taking any further action on the perpetrating reading material.

Usually my reader's block is instigated by work-related or course-related textbooks... this is the first time it's been instigated by one of my pleasure reads. Makes me wanna go hmmm.

When I think about it, I imagine my reader's block was kick-started when I began reading the fourth (and final?) book in the Twilight series... the book took a completely different approach than the prior three, and the subject matter changed to more adult standards...my suspended disbelief started back up again...what I was expecting, I don't know what I was expecting, but we're definitely not in Kansas anymore. Therefore, I am torn between the spite of leaving what remains of book unread, and the urge to see how the story becomes fulfilled and completed.

Unsuspectingly, the reading-oriented procrastination has quietly spread like a lurching wildfire, to other usually-pleasurable reading materials... my Smithsonian and Fra Noi magazines, my JJill and RedEnvelope catalogs... my project management course textbook (!). Yes. It's getting a little hairy folks.

As an incentivating (did I just make up a word?) exercise, I've decided that I'll post a brief entry on this blog after I finish reading books from now on. My first one was yesterday. That will help me provide closure to the reading experience and, perhaps, move me along the huge and growing pile of books next to my bedside table.

Do you ever suffer from reader's block? ;o/