Fascinating Convo on Twitter

So this movie "He's Just Not That Into You" really got tons of people talking. This is certainly a whole new "morning after" folks.

Right now I'm watching this fascinating conversation as it happens, on Twitter. It is hilarious and illuminating at the same time. Here's a summary of Bruce Wagner's flame against women, very catty of him all of a sudden, but you may benefit from knowing that he's a talk show host and knows how to create a buzz. Therefore you wonder if he's getting paid by the promotional fiends for the movie...

@brucewagner (1) There's no need to analyze men at all. We ARE as simple as puppies. Not complex. The book/movies gets THAT part right.

@brucewagner (2) The only game men play is to lie to you. However, men have a VERY VERY VERY very good reason to lie to you. ... continued

@brucewagner Women can't handle, & really don't want, the truth. They'd prefer to live in the fairytale they've been brainwashed to believe... cinderella

@brucewagner There IS such a thing as 'forcing' someone to lie. Back someone into a corner sooo far... that lying is the only way out. He WILL lie to you

@brucewagner If Nazis came to your home & asked you where your family is hiding... would you lie? Yes, you too can be 'forced' to lie... or lose it all! @brucewagner If it makes you feel any better... Straight men don't have a clue about understanding women either. (But women understand men even less!) @brucewagner (3) Approx 99.999% of men will pretend to be who you want them to be... their whole lives... to get what they want. But

@brucewagner Before you get all indignant about that deceit... DON'T PRETEND women don't do the same thing! Women practically invented manipulation! :)

@brucewagner (...and you know I'm right about that!)