Moe & Otaku Stuff

I found out about Danny Choo from his guest blogging gig at BoingBoing, where I really enjoyed reading his thoughts on being an entrepreneur and where he shared quirky popular culture things from Japan.

Danny's been living in Tokyo for the past 10 years and among his favorite activities he includes being the CEO of his own company, making music videos of himself dressed up as a Star Wars Stormtrooper, reviewing gorgeous anime figures, and posting about everyday life and popular culture in Japan. Today I found his deleted wiki page and found out that he is indeed, Jimmy Choo's (famous shoemaker) son.

Over the past week I have been engrossed in and absorbing every nugget of Japanese popular culture from his growing website. It's chock-block full of anime mentions and information about everyday life in Japan. I'm especially fond of his Week in Tokyo posts, because they remind me of a cool cross between NHK World's Tokyo Eye and IMF's Local Feed.