Movie Review: Broken Flowers

I read about and decided to watch the indie Broken Flowers after reading about it on one of my movie interwebs field trips. Not only was the topic/plot interesting to me personally, but I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Bill Murray's understated comedic style. He's a very amazing actor when it comes to subtleties...he's come a long way from his work during the 80s.

A surprise treat was seeing one of the more gorgeous actresses, in my book, Ms. Jessica Lange...whom I have had a girl crush on since I saw her in King Kong in the 80s. And Bill's neighbor is Jeff Wright in an amazing Jamaican accent--you may know Jeff as Felix Leighter in the Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace movies (!).

Broken Flowers is an approachable movie that makes you feel like you're there living the moment with the protagonists. Bill Murray plays Don Johnston (with a T), a career bachelor who recently retired from a lucrative PC business. Don's solitude is broken suddenly as his latest girlfriend leaves him, and on the same day, he receives a mystery, pink letter letting him know that he had a 19-year-old-son son, and said son is on a road trip to possibly find him. The letter is supposedly from one of Don's past flames, but carries with it no signature, return address, or identifying characteristics. Don's neighbor is an amateur sleuth and family man, and urges him to take a road trip of his own to find out which of his girlfriends from 19 years ago, sent that letter.

Don's chosen solitude, desolation, and lack of emotiveness at times, creates an atmosphere all its own. No matter how easily he can interact with women (his neighbor refers to him a don juan in his day), especially most of his past flames, you see there's a void left behind that just cannot be filled for some reason, deep inside of him. It's touching, it's fascinating, it's everyday, and it's the making of a great character.

Very well acted and a fun road trip of an indie movie. I am very pleased I happened upon it.