New Toy: Stanza and Feedbooks on iPhone

I happened on an article on a blog somewhere about reading books on the iPhone. What a great idea, you save money and space with not having tons of paperbacks around. And hopefully, you don't have to buy one of those expensive wireless reading devices *cough*expensive toys*cough*, like Amazon's Kindle ($175!!!).

The better solution is the Stanza application (free) downloaded from the Apps Store on the iPhone, and which it, in turn, lets you download books, some for free. I set my Stanza app to look up what books were available from Feedbooks, a free books repository from which you can download books to read on your favorite electronic medium. TONS of books. Mostly, really good classics. There's also a section on banned books. Fun times.

I didn't know what to download first. No there aren't many new, popular books, such as by Stephen King, Neil Gaiman, nor Clive Barker...the ones I was really interested in, but nonetheless, I found and downloaded some good stuff. My first download was Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka (I'm totally naming one of my future dogs Franz, in addition to Nikolai which I had already chosen). I'm almost done reading Metamorphosis, but took a break to watch the movie Derailed with Clive Owen (good twist! and I love his American accent almost as much as his English one). I also spotted and downloaded several items by Cory Doctorow but thus far I've only read Scroogled--and liked it quite a bit. I've gotten to like Cory Doctorow's online writings from his blog and guest blogging gigs. Fun guy.

The combination of Stanza and Feedbooks makes for an AWESOME new toy.