Book Review: Watchers by Dean Koontz

I started reading Dean Koontz in an attempt to pacify past regrets. My friend Lissa in high school was reading a lot of his books and peaked my interest, and more recently, my friend from Facebook has enticed my curiosity again. So here I am reading Dean Koontz books. I must make a point that I'm a 100% Stephen King fan all the way though. His complexity and formula are inimitable.

My first foray into the Koontz-averse is Watchers. The book entails storylines from various protagonists merging into the major storyline. There's a dog who was the result of intelligence experiments in a lab under the DoD's payroll, who is sometimes smarter than the protagonists ;) and is being chased by a dangerous opponent that's an uncontrolled danger to anyone who comes in its path. There's a love story too, and there's a psychopath. And there's two cop-type buddies.

I picked it because of my FB friend's suggestion but I kept reading it because of the dog, who became my favorite character and reminded me of Dixie, my first dog. However, I have to state that I hated how patronizing the author's approach was to the heroine, Nora. I am still of two minds in trying to explain to myself why he was so patronizing: was it the time the book was written, '88? Was it just the authors preference to canine vs. female companionship? I have no idea. I'm glad I read the book though, it was straight-forward reading that kept you turning the page to see how the converging storylines of several of the protagonists would turn out.

My next Koontz book is Dragon Tears. I'm also expecting it to have a title that makes no sense, just like Watchers did ;)