Facebook Update

So I recently discovered the Facebook app iLike because I saw a couple of my friends using it. It's a Facebook version of Lastfm or Pandora, where you iLike songs and bands. There's also a petition area where you can petition your favorite band to come do a concert in your locality. If enough people from a location post a request, the band may very well come do a concert. My friend Mary suggested we vote for U2 to come to Chicago... though I know they were here this past week at some point because WXRT was promoting the heck out of the band.

Well the iLike Facebook app helped me discover yet another song that I now love by The Killers. So here's two MVs that I borrowed from the iLike app:

The Killers - When You Were Young

This is a recent song of theirs that I like as well:

The Killers - Human

In regards to Facebook's much pre-announced revamp, that was supposed to happen yesterday...er... I don't see it. Perhaps I have the pleasure of counting myself on the late rollout list lol.