Otaku iPhone Apps

So apparently there's a couple of anime-related apps for the iPhone...not many, it looks like it's a new trend. Here's a list of Otaku iPhone apps from a fan who researched this topic.

I looked up Evangelion, since they're rehashing it lately and it's visible. I found two, related apps at about $1.99 each. Here's the first one:

Here's the second one:

Apparently there's a third app for Eva, but it didn't show up on my iPhone. So what else is downloadable? Well there's the Anime Network, iPhone Anime.com, iPhone wallpapers, vSNAX, etc. A thorough Google search can probably bring up particular title-related apps. And of course, you could always upload something anime, that you got through iTunes.

UPDATE 3/7/09
I found this app maker's website link at DannyChoo.com so I checked out what other apps they have (3 total, but more apps for other stuff).