More Blog Updates

I've been eying the left-hand column of this, and my other two blogs very closely and with an unfriendly, untrusting eye. What's wrong, what's wrong? I've been asking. One to tend sometimes to perfectionism and occasionally dabble in irrationality, I am not quite happy with the left column looks lately. Today was a concerted effort in a series over the past two weeks, where I have continuously tweaked the beejeezus out of my three blogs. I think I'm out-tweaked for the week.

In a show of solidarity or outright mockery, today, significant-other unit was casually looking over my shoulder at the tweaking and intense stare-down I was giving my monitor, and said: so what have you tweaked today tweaker?"

I think I need a real-time hobby, too much Internet makes JeDa a dull girl. Will chase this moment of wallowing in self-pity over my limited skillset with a return to the three (Inside Inside, Books of Blood, I Will Teach You to be Rich) paper books and one digital book I'm concurrently reading.

On a separate and completely unrelated note: Happy Earth Hour world.