Naperville High School Reneges on Ayers Invite

So this is the big news today in Naperville: Naperville North High School announced last week that they invited Bill Ayers to speak on April 8, but they were reviewing that decision and considering postponing the event. Over the weekend, the feedback received was so negative, that the school has now canceled the event, indefinitely.

I hope they hadn't invited Ayers already, to renege now is sorta embarrassing? Was there a down payment? Who's idea was this? Why didn't they plan for the necessary backup to get their idea through?

I must admit that I didn't know Naperville was this conservative--and I don't even know why Ayers is so infamous--though I started fixing that oversight by pulling up his wiki page.

I was actually looking forward to possibly hearing him speak, and see what his deal is. Maybe next time, it'll be a college (not a HS) the org that can be grown up enough to call in a controversial speaker.