Facebook Quizzes

All my friends take tons of quizzes on Facebook. Some must be really hungry for timepasses...so the latest round of funky quizzes is topped by none other than the "Which Crazy Bitch Are You?"

When I first saw one of my friends take this I left a message on her post and said why on earth did you take this? I thought she was being way too self deprecating. It's such a harshly worded quiz with that title and all. Well, after seeing tons of my friends take it (and other similar ones) and ask me/invite me to take it as well...I sorta gave in today. But I actually was surprised by my resulting qualification as Sylvia Plath:

You are one intense bitch. You are almost abnormally introspective but this is where your abundant creativity flows from. You love handsome, brilliant, creative genius types but you pay the price when their egos and lustful ways cause them to betray you. You are a very intelligent, classy lady with a black streak and can be very emotional at times. You do have a bit of a morbid side but your words often lead you to be misunderstood as a dark figure but that is just how you protect your soft mushy insides..

Whatdya know? This is an actually fascinating individual, once I looked her up on wiki. I guess there's more to these things after all!