Movie Review: Odishon

This movie has been pegged as one of the rare horror movies where the heroine is the inflictor of amazing and creative torture. It may very well have helped launch the rush of interest in Japanese horror movies that led to Ringu and Ju On remakes.

Director Takashi Miike gained some notoriority after this movie that hasn't quite left him.

The start and majority of the movie runs as if it were any other movie about dealing with middle age, loneliness, finding love, and women's perceived role in society.

What makes the heroine particularly unique is how lovely and cute the heroine looks from the beginning, until inflicting the very last second of torture. She certainly has a way with piano wire. The ultimate moe nightmare! This is also a unique movie because it only entails horrific matter until its last 20 minutes or so--or at least, we...think so...

No matter how many reviews I've read through the years about this movie, it still managed to provide a very good and thrilling ride.