Word of the Day: Synchronicity, Apophenia

Today there's two, closely (somewhat) related words:

Synchronicity: The concept does not question, or compete with, the notion of causality. Instead, it maintains that just as events may be grouped by cause, they may also be grouped by their meaning. Since meaning is a complex mental construction, subject to conscious and subconscious influence, not every correlation in the grouping of events by meaning needs to have an explanation in terms of cause and effect.

Apophenia: the experience of seeing patterns or connections in random or meaningless data. The term was coined in 1958 by Klaus Conrad, who defined it as the "unmotivated seeing of connections" accompanied by a "specific experience of an abnormal meaningfulness."

Just as a side note, though I've experienced some uncanny coincidences, and still do, I've decided to blow those off more. Keep your fingers crossed ^_^