Chapter Endnotes in MS Word

I am working on a project where I need to consolidate chapters from various MS Word files into one, main Word file. I've decided I will place the endnotes at the end of each chapter rather than having the reader look at the end of the book to locate them -- makes it a little easier? At least I think so for now. I very well may change my mind and make them endnotes at the end of the publication.

So I looked up ways to convert the footnotes to endnotes at the end of each of the chapters, and it turns out it's a simple matter of creating sections (insert break/next page). Here's a very < a href="http://word.tips.net/Pages/T003854_Endnotes_by_Chapter.html">useful article that helped me crack the code ;) pardon the pun, and get my task taken care of. Hope it helps someone out there!