Cubs v Marlins

I went to my first ever baseball game yesterday, at historic and much-loved Wrigley Field. I cannot express enough how much watching a sport (NASCAR, Cubs, soccer, etc.) live totally surpasses anything you see or hear on the TV, no matter if it's a rabbit eared oldie or top of the line plasma HD TV.

How awesome it was to walk up the stairs and slowly see the green appear in front of my eyes. I first couldn't get over how small it looked, then it slowly came into perspective. The excitement was in the air as fans grabbed food, snacks, beers, and other adult libations. Everyone was bedecked in blue hats, sweatshirts, jackets, tees, blankets...an almost sea of blue (or at least Cubs-wear) across the bleachers.

Youngins and their adult counterparts were joined by business colleagues and schoolmates, as young love bird, elderly, and gay couples. This is an experience enjoyed by one and all.

I was a little surprised at how late some fans got to the game, but before the seventh inning the bleachers were almost all filled up.

Everyone was very vocal with boos or yeahs depending on what happened on the field. There's not a thing that went by without the fans noticing!

Although the rain seemed to get a little worse before it got better, we were even privy to some sunlight before we knew it, around the sixth inning.

My favorite part of the game was when Jorge Soto broke the bat. The reverberation of the bat hitting the ball and cracking was heard echoing throughout the field, the stands and the nearby buildings--even over the voices of elated or not-so-elated fans. Oh, and yeah...the marlins definitely didn't have any fans in the house.

I can't wait to go again June 14 for significant other's and mine's 9th year anniversary. That'll be the Cubbies 3rd game vs. the Minnesota Twins.

I still haven't downloaded all my pics to picasaweb or flickr but the photo below is the same one I took with my iPhone and that I sent to twitter before the Internet access was shutdown in the stadium. The pic was from an early inning because the bleachers weren't filled all the way up. They did get filled towards the seventh inning though, and they also got louder with their cheers!