The Social Media Beast

I've overrelied on Facebook and Twitter to get my creative beast exhausted and off to bed. I was told today by someone I don't know, who friended me four months ago on Facebook, that I post way too much. He's probably right. But so does everyone else I am friends with. I am friends with 73 people on Facebook, and I follow 367 people on Twitter. I'm used to high volume and I can keep up with it. Not everyone can. I told this "friend" to unfriend me on Facebook and to have a nice day.

What else can I say? It's a little upsetting to get negative feedback. I should stick to sharing my thoughts more on this blog because I can pretty much go overboard and no one will ever read it or complain that I post too much. It's not as exciting as keeping up with 367 people or 73 friends, but it'll save me from sour pusses. The same type of sour pusses that make an ugly face when I answer them where I'm going on vacation when they ask me two days before I leave. Dudes! Don't ask me if you don't want to know. But most of all, don't act like I don't deserve to go there. I deserve everything I work towards with my own sweat and hard work.

So there.