Continued Lesson in How Cool Chicago Is

I am still so happy and excited about the events of this last weekend. Very rarely do I get in such a good mood about the events of my weekends ^_^; The serendipity of the events and the "good" busyness was action-packed, and, just what the doctor ordered!

Saturday morning I got to go on a train ride to downtown Chicago, albeit exceptionally early... to hear this energetic Pulitzer-winning journalist talk about what makes a writer and good writing. I met two new friends at the luncheon, whom I truly hope to run into again, although it's unlikely. Then I blew off the afternoon session (yes I certainly did) to spend some quality summer time w/ the significant other unit. We both have been very busy lately and haven't had much relaxed time together. So after a glorious, sun-induced respite in Millenium Park, we both wealked out to and hung out at the Taste of Chicago...for 4 hours! It rocked. I was exhausted. That's the best sleep I had in about a month!

Sunday, we started the the pancake house around the corner from our house. Days always rock when we start them that way! Awesome locally-owned shop, good for the local economy and lots of smiles to boot.

We then bought a car trunk bike rack from Wal-Mart and took our bicycles to a bike shop to get looked over. Without the bike rack, there was no way we could even fit one bike alone in our car trunk. I was sure it was going to cost a bomb to get the bikes rehabbed because...we haven't used them in approximately 5 years, and they're oxidized and in just not that great a condition. Amazingly, after a kinda long wait, the shop guy got our bikes a *free* chain greasing and refilled the air on the flat tires with some suggestions for removing some of that unsightly oxidation (particularly on the brake handles). I told him he was awesome, as we were walking out bikes out of the shop. The oxidation I can take care of with the Brasso and steel wool (and eblow grease) we bought yesterday, an done at the tail end of this week when I have two days off for the Independence Day Holiday.

We took a walk downtown Naperville and decided to go paddle boating. That was so awesome! The artificial lake is absolutely gorgeous, completely surrounded by trees and greenery. And the day was absolutely perfect for it too. On the way back to the car, I spotted an Aston Martin Vantage, and of course, had to take some pix.

Absolutely awesome weekend. Too bad it had to come to a close ;)