TV Shows Growing Up

When reminiscing about the televised entertainment that I most valued growing up, I more often than not focus on animated/cartoon television shows. Unbeknown even to me--up until I undertook the following exercise--there is a solid set of pretty good television shows that I was informed by and entertained to no end, during my childhood.

As I started thinking about these shows, I really was amazed at how grown up my tastes were. I was, after all, a little mass of child meat, with a very small attention span. As I was midway through the development and research of this television show list, I was astonished at how many TV shows were in rerun, because they'd originally been broadcast the year of my birth or even before!

So, it is as part of a continuing effort to document my past, and free my limited brain-space :o) that I've gone ahead and listed what I can recall as my favorite television series--from as early back as I can remember, up until I moved to the US in 1989.

A complete list of TV shows and movies (and cartoons and anime, etc.) is of course on my IMDB list. The following list is sorted chronologically and then by alpha. Each entry has two links, one to the record on the IMDB and another link to the entry in Wikipedia (courtesy of that part of my personality which is a total, anal-retentive researcher).

I would like to thank Michael Jackson for his creativity and excellent tunes, which sustained my mental processes as I completed this list. His luminary musical genius will be sorely missed.