I went on vacation at the end of May and it was exactly what the doctor ordered. Not only did I get a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables, lots of sun (vitamin D), and outdoor sports/activities (which I typically never undertook earlier), but I also came back tanned and slimmer! Now that's the sort of lifestyle I'd loooove to have everyday. Alas, Illinois is not as conducive to outdoor enjoyment due to the paradoxical weather patterns that occur during the same day.

One of the activities I was most captured by, was surfing. We took a 1 hour class, and I was unable to meet my goal of standing up on the baord. As I am not a quitter (usually), I feel strongly that I must engage in this activity numerous times more, until I get it done. The paddling alone from shore seaward was quite an agony of pure arm-strenghtening exercise. Worthy of a big kahuna indeed.

I loved every minute of pain I experienced for the next several days ^_^ I felt like that was real exercise, as it encompassed the entire physique and not just singular exercise as that which is typically undertaken on my treadmill at home.

No mnd you, I love going on the treadmill at home because I can put my laptop on the window-sill/shelf and watch a movie or listen to some really good tunes streamed from last.fm or my iTunes library (1,200+ strong)... however, I'm so much more in tune with the sea. I was telling my significant other unit on one of those glorious, sea-going days during our vacation, that although many consider fire to be a live entity (for reference see the movie Backdraft), I actually consider the sea to be alive.

Anywho...much work was ahead of me upon my return from vaca, as I had a work-related hotel stay the next weekend, and much editing ahead of me for a 13-chapter book that needs to move from editing to layout/editing on June 15. Wish me luck, as I'm on the 12th and 13th chapter today. I will compile all these chapters together and hopefully, move on to another item that needs my attention... an issue of our global publication on the topic of Colombia!

Cheers and sea salty times.