Master Benny the Baying Hound

Master Benny's been doing really well. Yesterday we took our first long walk in the prairie path and he peed! I'm so proud :o) He's been keeping both his liquid and solid outputs to himself, which is not a good thing.

Today when I came home, he wasn't in the kitchen so I panicked. He had escaped the gate and ran upstairs to do the forbidden: sleep on our bed! That was the first time I shouted at him really loudly: Noooooo! I hope he remembers that. He had already piddled on the bedsheets in the am, and significant other unit told him to get down. Then piddled on the mattress when I found him on it in the afternoon. Little stinker! Yesterday he piddled on the sofa cushion. But he knows that the bed is off limits, no matter how puppy-eyed and adorable he looks up at us.

We went to the vet today to get a stool sample test and a general checkup. The ride to the vet was drooley but comfy on his very own navy Ikea blanket. He really liked it. The vet said he looks great and we need to wait for the stool results. His next heartworm preventative should be taken in mid August, and a second heartworm blood test shouldbe done in late August. The trip back home was much better, since he knew he'd get a chance to relax.

Before coming home, we went to the discount supermarket to get him some frozen grilled chicken breast strips and some mixed frozen veggies. I'm planning on giving these to him intermixed with his all-natural doggie food. The canned stuff smells disgusting, no matter their saying that it's human-grade--stupid wording, marketing guys take note! The dry food might be making him constipated, so I will be making that a little soupy if possible to help him get his share of liquids.

When we finally came home, I did my homework for tomorrow--how journalistic to procrastinate until the deadline loomed its dark, cold, menacing shadow over me. We had a great, long walk with young master Benny the Baying Hound, where he chased all the rabbits he could, and bayed to his heart content when he felt he had found a really good scent trail. I wonder if he would know what to do with a rabbit if he ever caught one?

During our walk we progressed under the main road's concrete bridge, where we observed all sorts of fascinating graffiti. Some samples were actually quite nice, like a woman's eye that I could spy in-between some later work that tried to eclipse it. I would love to take pictures, but I think there's more than enough graffiti photos on flickr.

Tomorrow will be a long day for Benny, we will see how he does. It's a new adventure every day.