I've been trying to watch the movie Aviator for the past three evenings. I've never had any interest in seeing Leonardo DiCaprio movies after I had to go through Titanic back the day it came out and I went with my parents. The last time I liked Leo was when he did Critters 3 *grin* he was a kid and really cute.

So I'm really liking Aviator. I've always been fascinated by Howard Hughes ever since I went to see the Spruce Goose in the mid 1980s. I figured out even as a small kid, that someone who developed something like that plane wasn't your run of the mill person. The Aviator shows me exactly that, though as fictionally and Hollywood-ishly as you can possibly get. Visiting the Spruce Goose while it was still at Longbeach, California (the couple or three times I did), are still among my favorite memories from childhood.

So why did it take me 5 years to see this movie? Sometimes things work out on their own. I'm glad I did give it a chance, though because Leo is so young, he makes Hughes seem too approachable, when in reality, I've a strong feeling that the real Hughes was anything but. Especially with the evolving mental conditions he faced. It's always creepy when I understand the weirdest whys, though it sometimes comes in handy.

Loved the sets, the wardrobes, the planes. Loved the era as a whole, that look is amazing. Fun times.