Benny's Been Back a While

Benny found his way into one of the large, racoon traps (coon trap) that we had out in front of our house Monday night at 11 pm CT.

The cage was well hidden under loose greens the significant other unit had placed around and on top, among the tall and weedy trees, bushes, and grasses. We set chicken, dog food, cat food, and water inside the cage, and hoped for the best.

Since his dissappearance on Wednesday evening, plenty of people called us via the numerous lost dog flyers or findtoto.com voice mail messages, letting us know they had spotted our dog but he was running too fast away to catch him. We ourselves had ran into him numerous times but he had vanished just as fast as he had appeared.

And I wondered what he had been eating, and drinking, what may have attacked him in the night. Whether the mosquito bites were bothering his irritated skin as much as they were me and mine.

I cried when it rained Friday night because it was also lighting and thundering.

But on Monday night we finally caught him and he hadno idea why we were saying "ha-ha" and pointing at him as we lifted the heavy, huge metal box out of its hidden greenery home and up the steps into our front door. Neither why we barricaded the kitchen entrance as we let him out and continued to laugh at "stupid dog."

The very next day he got a bath as soon as I came home, and his ears cleaned with a special liquid I had bought at the veterinarian. He would need another veterinarian visit now to make sure he was ok. It wouldn't be the same vet I'd taken him to on Tuesday, because they didn't inspire much professionalism. I'd have to find another one.

I eventually took Benny to the vet our next-door neighbor suggested, since they take their three cats there, and it was also open on the day I wanted to take Benny. These guys are much better. They gave me some deworming pills to give Benny on a full stomach, and a stool sample container that I need to bring back in about a week, with stool that is no older than 3-4 hours.

Benny's getting his coat brushed about once or twice a week, and he's getting chopped cooked chicken mixed in with vegetables and his dry and wet dog food. Plus snacks such as sweet potato and venison mini dog biscuits and fake meat treats. As soon as the fake meat treats are finished I wont' be buying new ones since the product contains too many artificial ingredients and corn syrup. Why on earth are there still businesses selling crap like that? All the other products I'm buying are much more wholesome with clearly understandable ingredients. You can tell if a product's good or not by what ingredients are at the beginning of the ingredients list. If it's filler or "meal" or "byproduct" run screaming the opposite way as fast as you can.

Here's hoping Benny gets used to indoor life with us and we find a good, trustworthy obedience training program that can get us both talking the same language.