Catching Up on Movies

We got to go to my first ever drive-in movie last weekend, and we saw Ice Age 3. The second features was the Orphan, and the birthing scene at the beginning was so cliched and phoney looking (a la Freddy Krueger) that I totally gave up on it and decided to leave while we were still ahead of the game.

I didn't know what to expect at the drive-in, since most movies I've seen dealing with them are either horror movies or something like Twister lol, what with the car-ride fearing dog on my lap and all...but it turned out to be a memorable experience that I definitely want to repeat.

There's a ton of movies I've been lapsing on, such as Harry Potter, and the upcoming GI Joe. I just saw the commercial (again) for Inglorious Basterds, and thats' another one on my list. I hope I get to see all these and more! I live for good movies ;)